Gather the Leaves provides a range of services for pets.

I'm here to help you and your pet through their life. Building a relationship with a pet takes time. Even if your pet is not old or sick, I want to help you care for them now, so I can better serve you, and them, later. 


practical pet care

walking: personal experience aside (I own two dogs, one who is a senior, and have cared for dogs my entire life)... I enjoy walking pups. I have experience (via a dog walking and sitting company, and my volunteer work at the Lawrence Humane Society) walking dogs of all sizes, and ages. 

sitting + play: when you're away, at work, or just need extra help. In addition to my dogs, I also own two cats (one who also is a senior). I understand that sometimes all a pet needs is a person who is there. 

cleaning: pets create mess. I can clean that mess.

errands: for food, treats, prescriptions, etc.

emotional support

companionship: to build a relationship when they are young, or when they are sick, or dying. When a pet is sick, they need a little extra TLC. 

planning + services: talking is key. I'm here to help facilitate end-of-life conversations between you and your vet. I also will help you plan a funeral for your pet. 

grief support: I understand your loss. Losing a pet is horrible. I understand that grief doesn't disappear in a day, a week, or a year. I am hear to listen and help you through this emotional time.

story telling: I've worked as a freelance writer and editor for the past 10 years. I want to use my experience to help you tell your pet's story.

planning: I'm here to help you plan your pet's funeral/end-of-life celebration.


Visits start at $20 an hour.